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Installation & Maintenance

Here are the steps for normal canvas installation/ project:

  1   Measurement
  We provide on-site measurement for accurate dimension of canvas. We also contribute valuable ideas of design, based on the canvas requirements. 
  2   Quotation
  We provide quotation at reasonable price, based on the collected measurement.


  3   Production
  After the confirmation from customer, we produce the canvas according to the measurement. Normally the process can be done within a week for most  of the common canvas products. 
  4   Installation
  Depending on requirements of the project, we are able to provide on-site installation. 


  5   Warranty
  Most of our canvas products are protected with 6-month warranty. Terms and condition applied. 
Other than new canvas project, we do provide any after sales service and maintenance service for existing customers.
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  • Manual & Motorized Sun Cover
  • Permanent & Retractable Canvas Awning
  • Lorry Canvas Installation

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